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Welcome from Gill Crowley, Acting Head of Abbey Wood Nursery School.

Pete Moorhouse:    Encouraging Creativity Outdoors

Pete Moorhouse will offer a deeper understanding of what creativity means and explore ways in which we can best encourage creativity in the outdoor environment. He will explore the many factors that encourage and nurture children’s creativity outdoors, from the impact of the environment and the way it is accessed and arranged, to looking at what resources are provided and the opportunities they present. Pete will give particular focus to open ended resources and loose parts provision and provide examples of successful outdoor provocations that draw in children curiosity and make learning irresistible!

Nurturing the family to nurture the child; engaging and supporting families in the EYFS’

The session will explore how Chelwood ‘nurture the family to nurture the child’. It will cover the core principles and values surrounding this, practical examples of the strategies used and how these look in practice. It will also examine the impact of these strategies for children and families.

Explore a recycled classroom, ‘make and do’ with Work and Play Scrapstore and explore our book stalls.

Professor Jan White:    Natural Play in Early Childhood: nurturing deep foundations for a lifetime of connection with nature

Children are born primed and ready to learn, knowing how to learn and what they need to learn about.  The natural world provides endless motivational opportunities for children to explore and play, to build theories and make meaning, and to pose themselves the challenges they need for growth and development in all domains. 

Using images from across the UK and beyond, Jan will show how easy it is to offer rich nature experiences that will enable young children to grow both roots and wings.

Art and Design Project

Rachel McMillan Nursery school is part of a partnership of Greenwich community schools that includes Nursery schools, Specialist Provision, Primary schools and Secondary schools. The partnership has given us all the opportunity to participate in projects we wouldn’t have the capacity to do alone. Our exciting and innovative art project was based on the partnerships schools collaboration with Blackheath Conservatoire in Summer 2018. Hear about the conversion of one of our rooms into an art studio, the planning for the creative experiences and opportunities we wanted to give the children and the ways we sought to resource the studio for as little money as possible.

John Peach, Class Teacher at Rachel McMillan Nursery and Children’s Centre will be sharing what happens when practitioners become advocates for children. From the everyday, to big decisions such as what to do with the play loft; the children have been deciding. Practitioners listen to the many ‘voices’ of children, through multi modal forms of expression. Staff build interdependent relationships with the children and the children grow in their sense of agency.  Not without its challenges the experience leads to the children feeling a sense of liberation, harmony and excitement.

Caroline Eaton:    Enabling environments on a shoestring

Enabling environments need to allow children to show you what they know and what they can do. This allows for learning opportunities to be offered that; build on children’s prior knowledge, that reflects their lives and are meaningful to them. 

High quality learning environments require careful consideration rather than big sums of money: it may require looking at existing provision through a new lens and through careful reflection, much can be achieved. Caroline will explore Dr Kathy Ring’s concept of ‘small change, big difference’ to highlight the impact that even minor alterations can have on aspects of practice and pedagogy to benefit the children in your care.

Nikki Oldhams, Head Teacher, Chelwood Nursery School